Reggie’s challenges and opportunities

14 Apr

Hello all. I know it has been some time since last I have written here and I apologize for that. The last thirteen months have been a challenging experience. During that time I lost my career of 16 ½ years in law enforcement, added a new member to my household, co-wrote several books, toured the country selling our chainmail and books, spent a month in Florida, collared another slave, started working for a major airline, participated in a large scale fashion show, had several of our chainmail tops featured on a major pay-per-view event, presented classes on BDSM, polyamory and writing at a number of conferences, almost lost each of the women in my life and gained many new insights into life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Life has been quite the roller coaster during this last year. Some incredible highs and some very deep lows. It all started when we were approached by Westward Magazine to do the cover article for the Valentine’s Day issue about our books, jewelry and polyamorous lifestyle. The article was well written and well received. I had sought and received permission from my chief and lieutenant prior to doing the interview and followed all of the conditions they set forth. A month after the article came out the town manager found out about the article and decided to use it to help force the chief out of his position so he could bring in his buddy as chief of police for our department.

The long and the short of the situation was that I was caught in the middle of a small town political power play and I was forced to resign my position and end my career as a decorated police officer. I had done almost every position available in a police department. Some of the things were patrol, detectives, training, special units including Narc’s and spent eight years as a sergeant leading and managing other officers.

I viewed it as an honorable profession and despite it showing me the absolute worst of human nature, I felt fulfilled in knowing I helped hold the line between good and evil. I know it sounds corny, but I know there are people alive today because I was there doing my job. I spent a lot of time and energy making sure that I had friends and interests outside of law enforcement so I wouldn’t be one dimensional but it still played a huge part in defining who I was. Once I lost my badge I really found that I missed that part of who I was a lot more than I thought I would. Even now, more than a year later, when I see the flashing lights of a patrol car or hear a siren in the distance it pulls at something deep inside of me. I have to stop and remember that I am no longer a part of the Thin Blue Line.

Most of the time I am glad to have that part of my life behind me. I saw some of the most horrific things a person can imagine. I had to make the decision to end someone’s life in the line of duty to save an innocent person’s life. Luckily, in the end the bad guy was faster on the trigger than I was and he ended his own life before I had to. I still had to come to terms with having to make that decision and thousands of others. All of them had to be made in the blink of an eye and were Monday morning quarter backed all day long. I delivered a baby in the front seat of a car, helped many people in need and put my life on the line for complete strangers day after day. The job takes a toll on who you are and the last year now that I am out of it have really showed me just how much of a toll.

Shortly after leaving the police department, life put an opportunity in my path. A beautiful woman who had recently accepted a ride from us to a show in Dallas became very close with Treena and kasi. Over the next few weeks she was invited over to play cards and hang out with us and we all grew closer and we convinced her not to leave….ever. She joined our household and took a place in my heart. She agreed to be not only my partner but also my slave in a power exchange relationship.

This led to a number of the revelations about life and love. The biggest and most obvious is that each of my partners are their own woman. I know this sounds stupid but it took me longer to figure that out than it should have. One of the things I do when I enter into a power exchange relationship (This is only my second, kasi is my first) is give my partner a new name. That way we start fresh and build a life together less cluttered by past baggage. I call her evie and I think she is planning on publishing under the name Eva. She has agreed to do a series of erotic shorts with me that we plan to self-publish this summer.

Anyway, we have all taken quite the roller coaster ride together while I figured that basic tenant of life out. I think I have gotten it worked out now and we are all growing into a more cohesive family. It has been an interesting process to add someone new to our family. She has helped to give me some of the most amazing experiences in my life but like any relationship in the real world there have been rough patches too. She, like each of the women in my life, has helped me to learn more about myself, my role in the world and how the human heart works.

Like many who choose to take up the gauntlet of law enforcement, I built many, many very strong walls around myself as protection from the job. I could pull on my cop face with the best of them and had just as black a sense of humor. Treena has been with me for most of my life and adapted to those walls as they grew. The walls were already strong and thick by the time kasi joined me but poor evie joined me when they were no longer needed. She is a very sensitive person and asked me to let her in as we tried to build our relationship. I struggled with taking them down and letting all of my ladies in closer but I think I am better at it now. Unfortunately, I have found myself more emotional than I care to be. Each day it is harder to pull that cold mask into place and easier to be hurt like the rest of humanity. It has been a double edged sword and while it makes my connection to each of them closer it also makes me tougher to be around sometimes. I work on it daily trying to be a better person for them but sometimes the toll of the job is heavy.

This last year has allowed each and every one of us the opportunity to take a good hard look inside and determine just what we want out of life. To decide if a poly lifestyle is right for each of us and to determine if all of the work it takes is worth it or not. This sounds like an easy thing to decide but let me tell you it is not. In a two person relationship it can be easy to blame all of the problems on the other person. I am not saying this in a derogatory manner it is simply a fact of life. When you are in a three person relationship there is always a witness to call bullshit when you are blaming everything on someone else. It becomes much harder to hide from your own faults and you are forced to stand up and take your lumps for your issues instead of hiding from them. Then when you add a forth person it become harder yet to shift the blame to someone else. You really have to be responsible for your own behavior. This is a fantastic growth opportunity but can be hard to accept sometimes. For those that know me, I do not have a problem taking responsibility for my actions or behaviors but even I have had to take stock of just how poorly I behave sometimes. We have all had to work on our communication skills, negotiation skills and personality quirks such as how we deal with jealousy for example. I like to joke that I am a lovable guy but luckily for me, the three wonderful women in my life help to drag me closer to that ideal.

In addition to the personal growth we have each had do we have had some interesting professional experiences. We were allowed to do the Red Ball of Denver for a second year. It is a huge fashion show that benefits the Aids Foundation. This year we were the first designer in the line-up and started the show. We had eight models this year and they looked fantastic. We do have some pictures of the show up on our Facebook page. We also had three of our tops modeled by the lovely ladies who helped WWE wrestler Triple H with his entrance on the pay-per-view event Wrestle Mania XXX last Sunday in New Orleans. If you would like to see it check out this link to the YouTube video we found (

We continue to make and sell our chainmail jewelry, clothing and accessories around the country. In our adventures with that we had the opportunity to spend the month of October in Florida, where 3 of the 4 of us hope to end up soon (come on Treena the beaches are fantastic!!). During that time we did four shows and drove pretty much the entire state twice. We put 2500 miles on the rental van and played on some beaches. evie grew up in tropical climes and acted as our guide for many of the flora and fauna (especially the sea life, very cool) that we saw. The best thing was that we found another great show for us and one that we recommend to everyone. Around Halloween in Key West is a festival called Fantasy Fest. It is awesome!!! I can’t recommend it enough, you have to check it out. We are anxiously awaiting the chance to go back and do it again.

Now to the other important thing. No, we have not given up on writing. We have experienced some personal financial issues that has prevented us from signing any book contracts for a while but they are about done and we can get going again. Fear not, we have been busy. The next book in the Key Hole series from Omnific is scheduled for release in September and is an anthology of three short stories showing the kinky awakenings of amy, daisy and yes you guessed it, Sir Rune himself.

The next book in our BDSM Menage Fantasies series with Siren is about 95% done and should be into them for consideration before we get to RT in May. It has a tentative working title of Arresting Dominance. That’s right it has cops as the male heroes since we can finally use them without professional repercussions. The next book after that has also been started and is about 20% done with the working title of Rent-A-Dom.

The really exciting news however is that we are finally about to dip our toes into the self-publishing arena. We have the first book in the new series completely finished and the second about 50% done. Once we have the third done we will release them. Don’t be too shocked, but this series follows the exploits of the members of the SORT (Special Operations and Response Team) Team of Striking Mammoth, Colorado. I can finally use my experiences in Narc’s as a member of a task force to good purpose. The really cool part of this project is that we have been graced by the amazing talents of Anna Riviera who is writing these stories with us. We hope to have the series released by the end of the summer. I don’t want to come off as pompous but I think this series is our best work so far and I personally can’t wait for them to be released.

The final bit of information I would like to share with you is that we are back. We are dedicated to seeing as many of you in person as possible at the various shows and conferences around the country that we are able to attend. We will be at both RT in NOLA and Romcon in Denver. If you are going to be at RT we will be doing the Big Book signing and the three ladies and I are presenting a panel on writing ménage stories. We would love to see you all at either of those events or any of the social parties going on that week. At Romcon, kasi and I are presenting a panel and again we all look forward to seeing you there. I have tasked evie with keeping all of us on target with the Naughty Ever After site so it doesn’t lag anymore. You will be seeing blogs from all four of us more regularly along with guest interviews, teasers, photos and all kinds of other goodies.

I have rambled on much longer than I ever intended to do so I am sorry if I lost you along the way. Know that we have missed you all and intend to be much more active on-line from now on. A last teaser, be sure to look for your chance to get your very own bondage bunny at RT this year. Babs was such a huge success last year that we are going to have some versions to give away at the con. We look forward to seeing you all there.



Getting ready for the holidays…

5 Dec

Cassidy here. :-) Just sitting here listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Holiday channel on Pandora and marvelling that Christmas is only 20 days away. I can’t even believe Thanksgiving is over and here it is almost Christmas!

It’s actually starting to feel kind of Christmasy around here. We’ve been working on getting the house all clean, putting holiday tablecloths and things out,  and starting to bake holiday treats. For some reason a clean house makes me feel very holidayish (let’s not go into speculations about how often I clean, okay?). To paraphrase Dorothy Parker, I hate cleaning but I love having cleaned. :-)

Anyway, I’m in a strange place with writing right now. I’m done (more or less) with one project, at a standstill for the moment with another, and not ready to start the next one. That is frustrating but it’s giving me time to get my editing projects done, so that’s good. (Still looking for editing work, if anyone knows of opportunities!!)

So for anybody who’s interested in meeting up with us next year, here’s our tentative schedule for the first couple months of 2014:

Jan. 28 – Feb 3 Los Angeles

Feb. 27 – March 3 Las Vegas

March 6 – 9 Dallas

Let us know if there’s a possibility of getting together! We always look forward to meeting other authors and readers wherever we go.

I’m hopeful I’ll get at least a couple more blogs written before the holidays, but if not, happy holidays to all our wonderful friends, fans, family, readers, and to our future friends as well!

Music to write to

19 Nov

Hello all-

Well we are back from our travels for a couple of months and rocking along on our writing. I don’t think we have mentioned it to anyone yet but the next book in the keyhole series has been accepted by Omnific Publishing. We don’t have a firm release date yet but will let you know as soon as we have it. It is an anthology showcasing Sir Rune, amy and daisy, each with a story of how they learned about and came to embrace the BDSM, polyamory and power exchange life styles.

We are also cranking along on the new series that we are self-pubbing with Anna Riviera. The first book is done and we have started on the second. We are working on a cover for it now and are thinking of getting the first three books done before releasing them so that people won’t have to wait very long between releases to see if they like them. We hope so, I think it is a very strong story myself. We are also about 50% done with book #5 in the Clifftop series.

We have been getting quiet a bit of writing done lately and I learned a funny thing. I have been seeing people taking about what they listen to when they write for some time. I never put any stock in it until about six weeks ago when we were in Florida. Whenever I got the chance I would go out by the hotel pool, throw on my MP3 player and crank out the scenes I needed to write. After a few times of this it dawned on me that I was getting the best results when I would put on the same album.

So, I tested this out and found the same results time after time. I would put on this same album and it would be playing in the back of my mind while I wrote and my word count often increased for the same amount of time. It cracks me up though what album it was. For those who know me they know I don’t mind listening to many different kinds of music but at heart I am a metal head. The faster and louder the better. So the album I can write to the best is a euro metal kind of goth band. The album is called Back in Blood and is by 69 Eyes and has songs with titles like dead Girls are easy. Who would guess that would help me write hot sex scenes, lol.

So the question of the day is what do you listen to when your trying to increase your productivity? It doesn’t mater if your writing, doing housework or whatever else. What album or song does it for you? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great day everyone and if you’ll check back with us over the next few weeks you’ll se that we are working on overhauling this site and will start leaking some teaser bits for our fans.


We’re in Vegas!

1 Nov

Okay, so let’s catch up on our travels through Florida.

What a beautiful place! We all just loved Florida. We had gorgeous weather all of the time (a few short rainstorms, but nothing to disrupt any plans) and we got to see some really amazing places.

We landed in Miami (see previous post) and did the Jewelers International Showcase show in Miami Beach. I’m glad we got to see Miami Beach, even though the show itself was horribly disappointing and the town itself was very expensive. I don’t know if it was related, but that weekend was right during the government shut-down, and there were very, very few buyers walking around. We only had two small sales the whole weekend (which was even more disappointing since we’d had to borrow money to get in).

From there we drove across Alligator Alley. That was very interesting, although we didn’t spot any actual alligators (more on that later). I was really hoping to see some in the wild. We drove through the Fort Myers/Sarasota/Longboat (?) area and I fell in love with it. The beaches were beautiful, the water was perfect, the people were very nice, we found some great hotel deals, and we discovered a new favorite cheap restaurant – Steak n Shake. :-) Seriously, if you haven’t eaten at a Steak n Shake, you should! The food is very good, cheap, and their shakes are to die for.

We spent about a week in Tampa, which was also very nice. Very friendly place, easy to navigate (at least the parts that we were in), and again, beautiful weather. The bead show there was also a little disappointing, but I’d love to go spend some time at the nudist resort just north of Tampa (Paradise something). It looked like a really fun place. The highlight of that part of the trip, though, was getting to have lunch with Alison Oburia and Lara Valentine. Such sweet ladies!

From there we went to Panama City Beach for a tattoo convention. Okay, I admit to my geographic ignorance: I had never heard of Panama City Beach before, but now I’m enlightened. It was a great place. A couple of our best beach days occurred there, and we saw the most interesting ocean life there (dolphins, cow-nosed rays, puffer fish, a sea turtle, what I called “ballet fish” but I think are really mullet or something, and a few other things I can’t remember at the moment). It was a beautiful resort with a really interesting tourist town. I was actually quite sorry to leave the area.

Then we drove all the way down the east coast to Key West. Key West was a really cool place. It had a great atmosphere, good food, and the best show we’ve had in a very long time. Fantasy Fest was an experience I’d definitely recommend for anyone (over the age of 18). Body paint artists were everywhere, and some of their work was absolutely gorgeous. The people were friendly, there were cruise ships going in and out, it was fairly easy to get around if you don’t mind narrow streets, and the seafood dinner we had on our last night was fabulous. I could very easily live there for awhile.

Okay, back to the gators. I finally did get to see some (tons, actually!) when we stopped at a gator farm in the Everglades. It was a great experience. We took a short airboat ride (fun!) and got to see the gators at different growth stages, from a few inches to HUGE. The coolest part was the feeding desmonstration, though. There must have been a hundred gators climbing over each other trying to get close to the guy who was tossing out chicken pieces. Interestingly, he said that feeding them that way actually makes them more dangerous than wild ones, since they basically considered him as a walking meal with chunks falling off him into their mouths. (Shiver) But they were fascinating to me, for some reason. I’m not sure I’d really like to encounter one in person without a heavy-duty fence between us, but it was really fun watching them swim around in the pools.

But now we’re back in Vegas for an intensive writing weekend with Anna Riviera, Marla Monroe, and several other Siren authors. We’re finalizing the first book of our co-written series with Anna Riviera (it features cops!) and laying out the next couple of books while we catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Looking forward to a fun and productive weekend! We’ll be home next Wednesday – not sure how I feel about that. I miss Daisy and will be really happy to see her again, but I know Florida is going to be in my thoughts a lot until I get to go back! It’s been a good six weeks. Not without its problems, of course, and not nearly as lucrative as we’d have liked it to be, but very educational and motivational. We need to sit down now and crank out some books! The next Clifftop book is about 60% done, by the way, and I’m hoping to get much closer to 100% over the next week. Time to put our noses to the grindstone!

We’re not in Kansas anymore

6 Oct

Hello all-

For those following our travels we are still in Miami (for one more day) at the JIS show. It has been much slower than we had hoped but we still have high hopes. Anyway, we have had the opportunity to travel around Miami Beach and have seen some things that you just don’t get to see everyday. So, just for fun I thought I would share some of these things with all of you. Unfortunately I don’t have pics of them but will describe them anyway.

First, the event we are at is being held at the Miami Convention Center which is about average for a conference center. However, right next to it is the Holocaust memorial which please don’t misunderstand me, it was a horrible thing. But, WTF this is one creepy monument. It is a giant arm coming out of the ground with numbers on the forearm and what looks like skeletal bodies clinging to the arm. It looks like a friggin zombie arm straight out of a George Romero horror flick. Just plain odd.

Then, yesterday morning we stopped at a Burger King for breakfast that is right across the street from the Miami Beach Police Department. Anyway, as we walk in I see that it claims it is a Whopper Bar. I think to myself, what is a Whopper bar and to my surprise it was just what it sounds like. It serves beer. How cool is that? Our Burger Kings don’t serve beer.  I suppose if it did though being right across from the police department is not a bad idea.

So, once we were finished we walk out and being an ex-cop I feel compelled to look at the PD to see what theirs is like. Much to my surprise I see a pink, yes that’s right, a pink patrol car. Know it is Breast Awareness Month so I am going to assume that it why but still nothing my old PD would have had. kasi did get a pic of it and posted it on FB yesterday if anyone wants to see it.

Finally, tonight after the show we finally got the chance to walk on the beach and feel the ocean for a few minutes. We only got to walk in the surf but it was better than nothing since our family told us earlier in the day that it snowed at home in the Denver area yesterday and here we are splashing in the ocean. I love Florida, lol. After that we grabbed a bite at a restaurant on the beach, very cool, and then walked the main drag in town and did some marketing to the tattoo shops for our body jewelry line.

While doing so I found Miami Ink. That right, the one from the TLC reality show. Sadly they do not carry body jewelry but I did see Yoji Harada and Darren Brass working in the shop.  I love ink, I have two myself and am dying to get my full back piece as soon as I can afford it. Anyway it was really awesome to see people I used to watch on TV doing tattoos.

Well, that’s it for today, wish us luck on the last day of the wholesale show and we will update you on our adventures again in a day or two. Hope your all well.


On the Road Again…

3 Oct

So here we are in Miami Beach at a small hotel on Collins Ave. It’s an interesting place. The room is small and no-frills (to put it mildly) with a fridge that made Evie squeal and slam the door shut. It’s certainly not the nicest place we’ve stayed in, but it’s a five minute walk to the beach, and that’s definitely worth something!

To recap our trip so far, we left last Thursday for San Jose. The Embassy Suites in Milpitas, actually, for Folsom Fringe. That’s a great event, by the way, run by wonderful, wonderful people. They do a great job. We got to facilitate two discussions on polyamory and we had a lot of fun.

That event lasted two days, then we headed up to San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair. This is one of my favorite events of the year. The people watching is incredible. Naked people, furries, drunk people, strange people—everything you can imagine and then some. We did some nice sales there and got to see some of our favorite people. The sad thing about Folsom is that it’s so expensive ($160) to get there by cab from Milpitas and the hotels around Folsom are—shall we say—less than luxurious. Normally we stay at America’s Best Value right off Folsom, which is nice enough but small. Unfortunately we didn’t get a reservation there this year so we stayed at another one, which to be polite I will only say enhanced our appreciation of America’s Best Value. Needless to say I’ll be calling ABV in a week or two to reserve next year’s event!

Then we flew to Fort Lauderdale yesterday and stayed at a Doubletree (always good hotels) by the airport. It was strange to me that we woke up on one coast and went to sleep on the other. The hotel was gorgeous (the bathroom was probably bigger than our whole room in Sam Francisco). Unfortunately that hotel was too far away from the Miami Beach Conference Center so we moved down here to stay while we’re doing the Miami show.

The Miami show is Jewelers International Showcase, a HUGE wholesale show for buyers from the Caribbean, Central and South America, and 44 states. We’re hoping to get enough orders to pay our bills for the winter and allow us to stay home and write more books. If it’s a bust we’re most likely going to have to get jobs and cut down on our travel schedule. So crossed fingers for a successful weekend!

I’ll try to post pics on Facebook of our time in Florida. The beach is beautiful, of course, and I always feel good when I’m near the ocean. It gives me a feeling of being centered and home. I don’t even particularly mind the humidity, although my hair is getting bigger by the minute. But I guess I can live with that. As long as the next hotel has a hot tub!

Round One of the smack down and big news

2 Oct

Good Morning all-

I apologize for not being on here lately. We are traveling a lot right now and don’t always have the best internet connection. We spent last weekend in San Jose and San Francisco, California and spent all of yesterday traveling from there to the Miami, Florida area. Yep it is awesome in case you were curious. Beaches, boats and sunshine everywhere you look. We will be here for a month traveling around the state and then off to Las Vegas for a writing event before finally getting to go home.


Anyway, for those who have read our Omnific Publishing works, Becoming Sage, Saving Sunni and It’s Only Kinky the First Time, (we do have another installment in the que with Omnific and hope it gets approved soon) our boy, Sir Rune is in a march madness style smack down for best fantasy boyfriend. He did an interview which can be seen over at and if you comment they register you for a bunch of giveaways. Then if your interested you can vote at

Our guy is a bit behind at the moment and could use any help people might want to give to get him onto round two. We also have big news to share, we were blessed to get a new PA to help us keep on top of things better. Her name is Sheila and she is going to be helping us make this blog better as well as helping us get out there more for both the Omnific, Siren and soon self published books. Give her a warm welcome and stay tuned, big things are afoot.



Mixed news

29 Aug

Good Morning All-


It has been a morning of mixed news here at the Alexander household. We started with some really good news that we had been accepted as vendors for the Fantasy fest event in key west, Florida in October. we have been anxiously awaiting this news. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to get out of the Colorado cold in October and instead spend a couple of weeks in Florida. So, it is finally official that we will be doing the Tampa Bead Show, the Panama City tattoo and Piercing Show and Fantasy Fest in Key West during the month of October, Woo Hoo!!!

But, life being what it is we almost immediately got notification that the woman we were to meet this afternoon to see if her dog and our Great Dane, Daisy, would get along together. She is considering dog sitting for us since we got last minute notice that we had been selected for the Houston Body Art Expo next week and we suddenly needed a new dog sitter since our regular one is busy and can’t take her. Anyway she had a medical emergency this morning and may not be able to take Daisy. We wish her a speedy recovery.

Being the optimists we are though we plowed on through the morning and received a very nice email from a customer who had bought a top from us recently. She told us how much she had enjoyed wearing it at an event last weekend. Emails like that always make us feel good. It is very satisfying to know we had some small part in making someone’s day a little brighter.

Then we found out we may not be vending at the Denver Mile High club expo in September. This is a new show for us and looked promising so it will be a disappointment if we don’t get to do it. It would have been the second swinger lifestyle event we would have vended at this year and we made a whole new line of chainmail garter belts and body harnesses (really sexy stuff if I do say so myself) that we were looking forward to trying out.

Finally, we received notification that two of the four panels we had proposed for RT 2014 had been rejected. Again a bit of a disappointment since workshops there is so much fun. We still have two in the mix and are hopeful for them but will have to see. Anyway, something good should be on deck for the afternoon if the pattern holds true. I hope your day is pleasant and warm.



Welcome Author Tonya Kinzer

20 Aug

Hello again and welcome to author, Tonya Kinzer who is visiting us today. Tonya we know you have a new release coming out soon called “Come Tame Me”. Thank you Tonya, why don’t you tell us a bit about your work.




Crazy Things Our Characters Do As We Write!


Ladies, thank you so much for having me as your guest this week! I hope your readers are looking for another sexy western to keep them entertained at night…or during the day. Either way, the story will take them on an adventure to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where cowboys are real! They’ll also visit a few local establishments for fun and entertainment. I came across a local brewery there, Snake River Brewery, and the link is on my Wild Fillies page.

One thing I also like to do is introduce my readers to the surroundings of the story and with Come Tame Me, I want you to get a feel for the inside of the ranch house where Cassi goes in Jackson Hole. This home takes my breath away and is easily at the top of the list for dream houses for me! OMG! To be able to live there…let alone play with a hot hunk in the bedrooms! Ttssss!


Now imagine what could take place in a steamy shower scene…’cause there IS one! LOL I know, I shouldn’t tease you so bad when the story isn’t out yet but I may be able to take advanced orders over at SmashWords so do check my site there. The book will release soon!


I’m not alone when I tell you that characters tap your shoulder as you write until you include the scene they want the readers to read. This happened totally unexpected as I wrote Come Tame Me. Cassi’s best friend Dani kept showing me how she planned to help Cassi realize that she still loved Gabe if she would just quit being pissed at him for not contacting her for ten years. After all, Cassi is the one who told him never to call.


Don’t get the wrong impression of Dani at all…she loves her cowboys but she also loves her best friend and wants to see her happy. Sometimes extreme measures are necessary. Below is the ADULT EXCERPT that is a f/f scene – you’ve been warned – I’m just sayin’…but enjoy!

Female/female scene

LOL  Welcome back! I told you it was hot and totally planned by Dani herself…the best way she knew to get Cassi’s attention. When the book is released in a few weeks, you’ll see how the scene got Cassi’s attention! And…Dani’s story will be the next book in the Wild Fillies series!


Book Trailer

CONTEST:  Thank you all for stopping in. Don’t forget to leave a comment to be included in the $15 Gift Card giveaway and please leave an email addy so I can contact the winner, along with what type of gift card you’d like.

**My book tour in September will have a special grand prize! To stay up to date on the upcoming Come Tame Me book tour and contests, sign up for my newsletter, where you’ll automatically be entered each month into my contest for subscribers. Are you on FB? Stop by and LIKE my page for the Wild Fillies series and watch for Dani’s upcoming book! Again, thank you for stopping in!



Well that sounds great Tonya, thank you for sharing it with us. Remember everyone to leave a comment for Tonya with your email addy to be entered into the drawing for her $15 gift card. Don’t forget to check out Tonya Kinzer’s buy links and bio for more details about this great author and her works.

Tonya’s Bio


Tonya Kinzer is a self-published erotic romance author whose books are quickly climbing the charts at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you’re looking for a romance with a little more spice than the average hot read, you won’t want to miss taking a look at her work. She writes erotic romance for readers who love to become a silent character within the story! You will be pulled into scenes to partake of the activities along the lines of soft bondage and Dom/sub relationships, to feel what her characters feel and taste what they taste…strong sexual desires much like your own! Be prepared to enter a world you’ll not want to leave and can’t wait to get back to…worlds where new submissives and demanding Doms entice you to read more!

Her series, The Boss’s Pet, will take you on a journey alongside Nick and Sondra as they venture into a lifestyle that pulls them deeper into a world of sensuality and submission. You’ll not want to miss any of the books in this series so stay locked on her website to know when the next books get released.

When she isn’t writing, she’s the pet for her own Boss, where she works a few days a week. Her day job is seasonal so this allows her to write during the off season as well as design covers, websites, and promo items. She also enjoys helping other authors where she can with their editing and being a critique partner when time allows as well as offering guest interview spots on her Blog.

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Lori King revisits us

15 Aug

Good Morning all- Sorry we have been away for a bit, lots of traveling and shows going on. But you are in luck, we have Lori King revisiting us today to tell us about her newest release. Thank you Lori for coming back to share your newest work. So, what have you got for us today?


It’s release day! The Gray Pack werewolves are back with another great romance! This time KJ Whetstone, long lost little sister of Rafe and Ryley, finds herself stuck between a human and an enemy wolf!

KJ Whetstone made the long trip from Quiver Creek to Kansas City and the Gray Pack on four paws, all the way eluding and evading the Kaplan pack wolves that were tracking her every move, intent on stopping her. Once safely ensconced in the Gray Pack den she comes face to face with the two brothers that she has only heard stories about, and a pack of wolves that is as close if not closer than her own family. She quickly realizes two big things: one, her mate is a human, and two, nothing will stop the Kaplan wolves from trying to get their hands on her. Thus begins a rocky journey that brings a second mate into her already chaotic life, and a grief to overcome that is more powerful than words can describe. Join KJ, and her two mates Thomas and Bryson on their journey in Dreams of the Wolf.

Take a peak!


Lori King gray pack 4 cover

Dreams of the Wolf

Katie-Jo (KJ) Whetstone is on a mission to save her mother’s life and protect the Quiver Creek pack from Nicolas Kaplan, a deranged werewolf. She has already journeyed across the country from Wyoming to Missouri, to find brothers that she never knew, and now she must lead them back against their own reservations. She’s shocked when her libido goes haywire over the only human traveling with them, Dr. Thomas Jameson.

Fighting to keep her distance from the mating lust, KJ and Thomas both end up needing rescued. Bryson Samuels is an enemy wolf that makes her body sing as loudly as Thomas does. With strangers for mates, she fights the need to bond, with her desire to be free from the pack. In the end they will all have to decide if they are willing to do anything to protect each other.


“Why did you do it?” she looked like she already knew the answer, and Thomas dreaded Bryson’s response.

“You’re my mate. I knew it the moment I caught your scent. I had to.” Bryson shrugged, and returned her frown with a steady gaze.

Thomas nearly laughed out loud, as he realized he was chatting with the mate of the woman he wanted to seduce, while the man was completely naked. He couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at Bryson’s assets, and though the man wasn’t lacking in the physical department, Thomas wasn’t at a complete disadvantage there either.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” KJ whispered the words, but it was clear by the uncomfortable tension between them, that she knew exactly what he was talking about.

“So you’re saying that KJ is your mate, and because you smelled her and realized it, you risked your life to rescue us,” Thomas said trying to make sure he had all of the facts straight.

“Way to go, wizzo. You catch on quick, but I wasn’t rescuing you, I was rescuing her, and you just happened to luck out by being kept in the same room with her,” Bryson said with a shrug. That shrug of his was really getting on Thomas’s nerves, and he ground his teeth to keep from punching the cocky bastard.

“No. She’s mine.” The words were out of Thomas’s mouth before he could stop them. KJ groaned, and Bryson growled. Thomas fully expected her to deny his claim considering they had only kissed once, and he really had no right to be so possessive of her, but she surprised him by putting her head in her hands and talking to herself.

“Why me? Really? It’s not enough that I’ve spent my whole life on the run, hiding from some psychotic bastard that wants to fuck my mom, but now fate has to throw me a fucking curveball like this. This is just not my fucking day.”

“Watch your mouth,” Thomas snapped, and her blue eyes lifted to meet his. The anger in her gaze was expected, but what surprised him was the fear that lit their depths. “Now what the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, so you can curse, but I can’t? Well isn’t that just like a man,” she said snottily, and Thomas was even more surprised to hear Bryson growl.

“Watch it, ice. The human is right, you shouldn’t speak like that, it doesn’t sound good coming from a woman.” Bryson’s words, seemed to trigger something in KJ and she let out a small shriek of irritation.

“You two are both dumbasses, and to think I’m stuck with the two of you. I had to have done something really bad in a previous life.” She spun on her heel and stalked away from them.

“Stop,” Thomas snapped. When she stopped with her back still facing them, he glanced at Bryson who looked just as confounded as he was. “What do you mean you’re stuck with the two of us?”

He watched her shoulders rise and fall with a sigh, and she tipped her head back so that she was looking up into the trees. “You’re both my mates.”

“What the hell?”

“Fuck.” Thomas’s brain was spinning, and he stared at the back of her blonde head. “When did you know?”

She remained quiet, but Bryson didn’t. “What the fuck do you mean, we’re both your mates? How can we both be your mate?”

“It seems to be happening frequently in the Gray Pack,” Thomas said softly, as he met Bryson’s shocked green eyes. “The Alpha and his twin brother are mated to the same woman, and there is at least one other trio that is mated. I take it that it’s not a normal werewolf relationship?”

Bryson shook his head, and lowered himself to the ground to sit. Thomas was relieved because for a minute it looked like the man might pass out. At least this way he wouldn’t fall very far.

Stepping over to KJ, he turned her around, and tipped her head back so that she was looking up into his eyes. She looked resigned and terrified all at once, and Thomas had the urge to clutch her against his chest and soothe her. He wanted nothing more than to ease her anxiety, but right now his own emotions were running on edge.

“Katie Jo, when did you know I was your mate?” he asked again, more softly this time.

She was quiet for another second before she blew out a deep breath, and muttered, “The moment we met.”


Lori-KingFB (2) - Copy

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Lori, thank you so much for coming back and sharing this with us. We all look forward to sharing this adventure with you. Have a great day all and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.



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